The Upside: RV Storage In The Desert

Talk to any Arizona transplant about why they relocated to the desert, and you’ll likely learn that the weather inspired them to move. While the summer season can include intense temperatures, the rest of the year is usually free of wild weather occurrences that may wreak havoc in other regions of the country.


It’s one of the reasons the desert is so attractive for living, but also for RV storage. 


At I-10 RV Storage, one of the Southeast Valley’s newest RV storage facilities, we understand the benefits of storing an RV in a desert climate. But, we also understand the risks. 


The biggest risk? Arizona’s notoriously dry heat. 


There are a number of benefits to storing an RV in the desert, and as a facility that offers exclusively covered storage spaces, we mitigate the biggest drawback. Here’s what you should know about desert RV storage.


Adios, Winter.

The average high temperature in the Phoenix area during the country’s coldest winter months fluctuates between 68 and 72. It’s not sustainable for snow, which is a huge benefit for RV owners — and vehicle owners in general. Winter in Arizona, while cooler than the summers, is more of a hiatus from the heat than a plunge into freezing temperatures. What that means for RV owners is there are fewer elements to worry about. There’s no salt on the roads, no ice to scrape, and no need to uncover your RV after a big snowfall. As they say, you never need to shovel sunshine. 


It’s a dry heat.

One of the more famous exclamations about Arizona is the dryness of the heat, selling the summer averages in the low 100s as less oppressive than other, more humid climates. And there are some advantages to the dryness of the desert, especially for RV and vehicle owners. Excess humidity can cause issues with performance and appearance, and in the desert, it’s just not something RV owners ever have to be concerned with. 


Block out sun exposure.

The intensity of the sun in Arizona can be felt even on cooler days, so it’s easy to imagine its power during the hottest summer months. It’s not uncommon for grocery items to melt, quickly, in a hot Arizona car. And, prolonged exposure to the sun can precipitate the fading of a vehicle’s paint. It’s one of the reasons that all of the spaces at I-10 RV Storage are covered with east-west canopies that create the most optimal shade for the vehicles underneath. 


Wash away dust storms.

Arizona doesn’t dodge inclement weather altogether, as most are aware of the desert’s monsoon season and the dust storms — also known as haboobs — that come with them. Our covered spaces at I-10 RV storage offer some protection from the weather, which can be severe at times. And in those instances, the convenient wash bay that is available to owners on site makes it easy to clean up any dust and dirt the storms leave behind. 

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