Camping In Every Corner of Arizona

RV owners in Arizona have it made in the shade since the state offers an abundance of options for camping in unforgettable settings. The West, after all, is home to most of the open space in the country, and those who love to explore that space sure do appreciate that freedom. 


As the newest RV storage facility in the Southeast Valley, we understand that where you store your vehicle is just as important as where you adventure with it. And as the weather starts to hit its glorious stride in the desert, it may be time to start planning summer adventures in cooler parts of the state. 


In fact, some campsites are already taking reservations for the upcoming peak season. So, it’s important for RV owners to think ahead, start dreaming and lock down plans for getting out of town.


Here are a few of the best places to explore with your RV this summer.

Woods Canyon Lake is a stunner.

The 56-acre lake, not far from Payson, is a favorite for campers and day visitors alike, so expect company. Located near the Mogollon Rim, the lake is a great spot for boating and fishing, and the dense woods nearby are home to abundant pines and active elk — known to bugle! Woods Canyon offers a group campground, but a number of other campgrounds are nearby to handle the interest from those looking to experience the picturesque area.


Lake Havasu State Park offers a lively atmosphere, as most campers and boaters are there for one reason — to party!

Expect sun, fun and plenty of water sports at a lake known for its rambunctious visitors. No boat? No problem. Lake Havasu offers a designated swimming area, complete with a white sand beach. Do some birding at the nearby Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge, see the world’s largest antique in the London Bridge or venture out to other nearby state parks. 


Bonito Campground promises scavenger hunts for lava caves and petrified bubbles.

Near the Sunset Crater National Monument, this campground is named for the Bonito lava flow that covered the area (just outside of Flagstaff) hundreds of years ago. So, expect to find some landscape features here that you don’t come across at every other Arizona campground. And after dark, prepare for a heavenly show. This spot is an excellent home base for stargazing, in part due to Flagstaff’s designation as a dark sky city. 


Bonita Canyon near the Chiricahua National Monument is another tucked away destination offering views of unique Arizona landscapes.

Tucked into a shady campground, Bonita Canyon offers 26 sites — but none have hookups. So, RV owners would be roughing it a bit on this trip. But, they are rewarded by the landscape, which is known as a “Wonderland of Rocks.” With 17 miles of hiking trails and cool wildlife, there’s no shortage of natural wonders to marvel at during your stay.


Not interested in a campground? Find something more rugged at, a site that allows landowners to “rent” out space to campers! And when you’re done with your adventure, we’ll offer you space to clean up your RV and safely store it until your next excursion.

Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and our competitive rates!

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