How to Find the Best RV Storage Deals in Your Area

Over the last twenty years, RV ownership in the US has increased by more than 62%, and it is at an all-time high, with more than 11 million households owning a motorhome. RV ownership opens the door for recreational travel and camping, allowing solo travelers and families to see remarkable landscapes and enjoy exciting activities and opportunities. 

However, what do these people do with their RVs when not using them? Most people who aren’t full-time RVers will store their motorhome to keep it safe and protected from the elements and criminals. Since not everyone has a place at home to store their motorhome, they opt for off-site covered RV storage with companies like I-10 RV Storage

I-10 RV Storage offers affordable local storage options for Arizona and Phoenix RV storage lots. Since RV storage can be incredibly expensive in the short and long term, finding the best RV storage deals in your area in advance is important. In this guide, we’ve shared how to find cost-effective RV storage solutions. 

How Do You Find The Best RV Storage Deals In Your Area? 

With more than 800 RV and boat-exclusive storage properties in the US, finding the best RV storage deal in your area can be challenging. So, to help you save time and money, we’ve shared some ways you can look for RV storage deals below. 

Determining Your Storage Needs And Budget

Before looking for an RV storage facility and searching for the best deals, you need to determine your RV storage budget and needs. To do this, you need to know how long you need to store your motorhome, where you must store it, and if you need RV storage security. 

Certain areas are more expensive when it comes to RV storage, so choose wisely. It’s also worth noting that, on average, RV storage costs range between $50 and $500 a month, depending on the RV storage facility and amenities in storage facilities. 

Research Local RV Storage Options

After you’ve determined your budget, you should research local RV storage options. Often, a city or state has numerous RV storage facilities, but not everyone will suit your needs or budget. 

In addition, each one will not be reputable, reliable, or safe, nor will they offer the amenities you need, like a wash bay, dump station, or security. So, researching is recommended to ensure you choose an RV storage facility that will do right by you. 

Compare Storage Facilities and Services

Comparing storage facilities and services is one of the best ways to determine if affordable RV storage is offered or if a motorhome storage facility is overpricing its services. 

Typically, the easiest way to compare prices, amenities, and services is to use an RV storage site checker, which lists multiple storage places and their prices for short-term and long-term RV storage. 

Alternatively, you can do it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper: write down your top picks and their storage services, facilities, and prices to make a decision. Or you can go site by site and compare your options that way. 

Look For Special Offers and Promotions

RV storage facilities often offer special offers and promotions based on seasonality and how long you plan to store your motorhome. It’s also common for certain people to get discounts on RV storage if they belong to certain clubs or are over a specific age. 

For example, many RV storage facilities offer discounted rates for pensioners of up to 20% and veterans or military personnel of up to 10%. Members of clubs like the Good Sam Club also receive RV storage special offers. 

Other RV storage special offers you should be on the lookout for are discounts on a second month of storage, special pricing for those who prepay, and ‘first month’ free deals. 

Negotiate Rates and Terms

Not every RV storage facility is open to pricing negotiations, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If you can haggle the price for long-term RV storage, you might secure a worthwhile storage deal in your area. 

So, before booking a storage spot, be sure to ask if you can negotiate a special rate and term. It’s also a good idea to try to negotiate a new rate if you plan on renting a storage unit for your RV for a specific number of days, weeks, months, or years. 

Read Reviews and Gather Recommendations

Sometimes, you can gather recommendations and learn about affordable RV storage rates by reading through RV storage reviews. Many happy customers will share their experiences when reviewing a motorhome storage facility, and you can use this information to ensure you receive the same deal. 

So, look at reviews on an RV storage facility’s website or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to learn what RVers are saying. It is also a good way to learn which RV storage companies to avoid that are overpriced or that offer inferior RV storage security. 

After all, a facility with poor security could end up costing you a fortune despite you saving money on storage fees.

Finalizing Your RV Storage Agreement With I-10 RV Storage

Now that you know how to find the best RV storage deals in your area, you can consider storing your RV with I-10 RV Storage. Our family-owned and operated RV establishment believes in giving your motorhome the home it deserves. 

With various-sized storage spaces, 24-hour surveillance, a dump station, an air station, a wash bay, and electrical outlets, we’ve created a safe environment for your RV. Best of all, we offer affordable storage rates, promotions, and special offers. So speak to us today to learn more and finalize an RV storage agreement with us. 


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