Outdoor RV Storage Done Right

Recreational vehicles were designed to hit the open road. Their sole purpose is to ferry their owners to spots everyone is talking about and spots no one knows about. 


They act as sanctuaries of comfort at music festivals, ideal accommodations for off-grid exploring, and a home-on-wheels for those who want to keep rolling from one scenic destination to the next. 


No matter how they’re used, RVs are meant for the outdoors. But, as any great adventurer would confess, the beloved outdoors can be physically taxing. Just as explorers rely on sunscreen, chapstick, and performance apparel to protect them from the elements, RVs need a little TLC from time to time to keep them adventure-ready. 


Put simply, prolonged exposure to the elements — regardless of the climate — can precipitate problems, as most vehicle owners would expect. And for RV owners in Arizona, the most formidable elements are the sun’s powerful UV rays and the extreme heat we experience in the desert. 


Unprotected exposure, to the heat and the UV rays, can accelerate the deterioration, fading, and cracking of a vehicle’s exterior paint. It could also cause other components of a vehicle to age quicker. Heat can cause cracks in seats, steering wheels, and dashboards, and it can damage electrical accessories or components. 


It’s why high-quality storage is paramount for Arizona RV owners. Here are a few options.


RV covers could provide some protection for owners who have the space to store their camper on their own property. In much the same way a pop-up windshield shade does its best to deflect heat from a car’s interior, a cover shields an RV from damaging UV rays and protects it — to a certain extent — from the elements. Desert storms can come with winds that rival those seen in tornadoes, so it’s unclear if a cover would be compromised under that kind of pressure. But, at the very least, it’s a good first layer of protection for RV owners parking their vehicles outdoors.


Indoor RV storage, while the most expensive option, offers the highest degree of protection from outdoor elements. From epic monsoon storms to summer heat waves that drag on for weeks on end to the oddball hail storm that finds its way to the Valley every few years, indoor storage ensures protection from anything Mother Nature throws at the desert. However, it’s not uncommon to see indoor RV storage rates reach as high as a few hundred dollars a month.


Covered RV storage offers a compromise for RV owners looking for protection while not breaking the bank. Covered spaces, like the ones at I-10 RV Storage that are strategically placed to provide optimal protection from the sun, offer a buffer between the sun and an RV. While vehicles would still be exposed to dust and dirt, they’d be covered and protected from the most damaging outdoor elements.


At I-10 RV Storage, we’ve designed our Southeast Valley facility with every RV owner in mind. Our concierge-style amenities, covered parking, and prime Southeast Valley location are just a few benefits of storing with us. 


Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and our competitive rates!

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