The Average Cost for RV Storage

Whether you own an RV or are looking for one, a major factor you have to determine is where you’re going to store your big toy. Few neighborhoods allow RV owners to keep their recreational vehicles outside their homes, especially those within Homeowners Association (HOA) jurisdictions. 


Your best bet is a storage facility that has everything you need to care for your camper. So, what can you expect to pay for RV storage? Rates vary across different regions and there are a list of factors that can influence your overall cost. Let’s explore those variables below.  

Average Cost To Store An RV In Phoenix

According to SpareFoot, the average cost to store an RV in Phoenix is $163.98. That’s a steal compared to what RV owners in other major metro areas across the nation shell out. SpareFoot data shows Phoenix RV storage costs are quite affordable when ranked against other major metro areas across the country. 


Rank City Average RV Storage Cost
1 Los Angeles, CA  $263.17
2 New York, NY $235.67
3 San Francisco, CA $194.44
4 Denver, CO $191.88
5 Washington D.C. $187.85
6 Phoenix $163.98
7 Chicago, IL $163.23
8 Atlanta, GA $145.31
9 Dallas, TX $126.98
10 Houston, TX $124.93
Source: SpareFoot


So, why does geographic region play an influence? Sparefoot says more dense urban areas have fewer storage facilities available. Small to medium-sized growing cities have more facilities established with plenty of room to build new ones. It’s the classic case of supply and demand, along with the availability of space.

Other Factors That Influence Storage Costs 

There are no two RV storage facilities that are alike, which is why you have to find one that meets your needs. Here’s a list of factors that can influence how much a facility may charge you to store your RV:


RV Size

The larger your RV, the more you can expect to pay per month. At I-10 RV Storage, we have a variety of spaces to accommodate you, large or small, that range from 12×25’ all the way through 12×70’. 


Storage Type 

Most RV facilities will provide options of outside covered, outside uncovered, or indoor storage. You can expect to pay more for covered parking, whether outside under an awning, or inside a closed facility. At I-10 RV storage, we offer covered outdoor storage with extra wide aisles and electrical outlets.  


Storage Plan

RV facilities offer a few types of storage plans, depending on how long you plan to keep it there. Typically, you’ll pay a lower rate on a long-term monthly plan but can expect to pay a premium for short-term or seasonal parking. 


Security & Access

A facility that offers on-site security will factor that into your cost. At I-10 RV storage, we offer 24/7 security patrols, backed by a state-of-the-art surveillance monitoring system. Combine that with gated 24/7 access with your own personal entry code, you can trust that both you and your recreational vehicle can access our facility with your safety and security in mind. 



Most RV facilities will offer maintenance services so you can take care of your RV onsite. I-10 RV Storage offers services complete with wash bays, a dump station, air for your tires, water to fill your tanks, ice to pack your cooler, a customer lounge with complimentary amenities and a shop for last-minute essentials.  

Park Your RV At I-10 RV Storage

Give your RV the home it deserves at I-10 RV Storage. Conveniently located in Chandler, and accessible from just about anywhere in the Phoenix metro, this is the perfect place to keep your RV protected, and looking and working its best. Ask about our competitive pricing and get your price quote today!


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