RV Spaces: Size Matters

Everyone’s needs are different. The same goes for preferences. Everyone has their own set of “must-haves” whether you’re talking about condiments, clothing, or campers. For every minimalist, there’s someone who thrives on collecting the next greatest gadget.


The same can be said for RV owners. 


For every teardrop-loving camping enthusiast, there is an impassioned RV owner who relishes every convenience and luxury that comes with more space and more amenities. At I-10 RV Storage, the newest storage facility in the Southeast Valley, we understand both camps. 


And because of that, we also understand why size matters when it comes to the space RV owners secure at storage facilities. A space needs to be a good fit, physically and financially — just like shoes. 


In the end, it generally comes down to length. And at I-10 RV Storage, we have eight lengths to choose from, giving owners the wiggle room they need or want to find just the right fit. Starting at 25 feet and running as long as 70 feet, our spaces are all 12 feet wide, offering ample room for owners to park and access their RVs without feeling cramped. 


So, what size do you need? Let’s find out.


The smallest spots we have at I-10 RV Storage, conveniently located near the I-10/Loop 202 interchange in the East Valley, begin at 25 feet in length and go up to 35 feet. This length generally covers types of campers that range from that tiny, utilitarian teardrop to adventure vans, small motorhomes, small travel trailers, and small fifth-wheels. Since there is such a variety of vehicles that can fit in that 25 to 35-foot range, at I-10 RV Storage we offer three sizes of storage spaces to make sure owners find exactly what they need.


The middle of the road, and the most popular size needed for RV storage, is the 40 to 48-foot range. When it comes to Class A motorhomes — such as Winnebagos and the like — most are either close to 40 feet in length or stretch to the mid-to-high 40s. With that in mind, I-10 RV Storage offers three distinct sizes of storage spaces to accommodate this range of lengths, at 40, 45, and 48 feet. 


The longest spaces we offer at I-10 RV Storage top out at 70 feet in length, although that is the only length of space that doesn’t include a shade structure. The 50-foot spaces are the largest spaces we offer with shade, accommodating the longest RVs, motorhomes, and fifth-wheels available. 


As with most things in life, the bigger something is, the more it will cost. That universal truth further incentivizes RV owners to find a storage space that fits both their vehicle and their budget — to avoid paying for additional space they might not need. 


At I-10 RV Storage, we’re happy to help RV owners navigate what options will work best for them. Stop by or give us a call and we can size up your needs with you!


Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and our competitive rates!

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