Maximizing Space With Clever RV Organization Ideas

Tight spaces require organization. In order to maximize the space afforded inside an RV or a camper van, it’s helpful to consider the dozens of lifehack-style examples available from IKEA to Amazon to Target and beyond. 


Since campers and RVs offer limited livable space inside, and vary in size based on their length, it’s vital for those who are venturing out to integrate space-saving features into their kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. And, while maximizing space with organizational products, it’s also important to pack minimally — bringing only what any given trip requires. 


Here are a few ways to maximize space inside an RV ahead of your next big adventure.


Door hangers. The back of a door is an open canvas for space-saving organization. Consider using the back of a door to hoist a shoe storage rack (which can be used for items other than shoes, if need be) or as a spot to hang towels to dry. 


Over and under. Vertical storage solutions, such as stackable containers with labels or transparent bins, allow for RV owners to keep items organized, within reach and yet still out of the way. And, every vehicle — whether it’s a camper van or an RV — has pockets of storage available under seats, beds and couches. Consider using containers specifically designed to be stored under furniture for larger, bulkier items, while using zip-up bags or small containers to utilize storage space under the driver and passenger seats — ideal for tools or games or other low-profile items.


Hang utensils. Utilize otherwise unused wall space in an RV’s kitchen by hanging larger utensils, such as ladles, measuring cups and spatulas. It’s easy to find a slim hanger with multiple hooks, and if all else fails, use stick-on hooks like those made by Command. Magnets could be used for spice tins and knives, but those might not be stable while an RV is in motion, which is something to consider.


Shelves for stacking. Kitchen counter space is a premium in RVs and camper vans, which underscores the importance of space-saving solutions. To maximize counter space, look for small shelves that allow you to use the space on the shelf and the open space under it. This is particularly helpful for fresh fruit or vegetables. 


Two-in-one furnishings. Convertible furnishings, such as tables that transform into storage bins, adds space to an RV’s livable area. Store blankets, games, clothing or any number of other items in dual purpose pieces that transform much like the furniture in an RV. 


Bins. Baskets. Magazine holders. When it comes to organizing an RV, every inch of space is fair game. Where there is space for a bin, a basket or a magazine holder — those slim, mesh-style filing bins — use it. And, where there is space to secure a hanging or floating shelf to hold bins or baskets, do it. Keep as many things labeled and tucked away as possible. 


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