Covered RV storage in Phoenix is worth the investment

There’s no experience like traveling the wide open road in an RV. All the comforts of home on four wheels with the freedom to glide toward the pin on the map. While the options to roam are endless, there are fewer places to store your RV when you’re back on home turf. Whether there’s no room in your driveway or you risk an HOA violation, a reputable RV storage facility is the best place to park your prized camper. 

An RV storage facility is a convenient, secure and safe option to protect your home on four wheels. Here in the Valley of the Sun, your RV needs an extra layer of protection from, you guessed it, the sweltering heat. Phoenix is one of the sunniest cities in America. The summers are merciless and it’s warm year-round, even in the winter. By nature of where we live, it’s vital to invest in covered RV storage to protect your RV from the harsh elements. Here’s why covered RV storage is worth it:


Extreme Sun Damage To RV Exterior

Phoenix tops near 100°F just about every day in the summer. Temperatures can reach as high as 145°F inside your RV if left out under the searing sun. Here’s how the harsh UV rays can damage the exterior of your motorhome:

  • Paint cracks, fades and discolors quicker 
  • Extreme heat causes rubber roof sealant and trim to dry, crack and become brittle
  • Air in the tires expands, causing the rubber to swell and explode 
  • Engine and transmission overheats
  • Battery corrosion


Extreme Sun Damage To RV Interior

Summer is the most popular and opportune time to hit the road in the family RV, and if left out under the direct sun most of the year, it can also become the most uncomfortable ride. Here’s how the harsh ultraviolet light can damage the interior of your camper:

  • Cloth upholstery will fade where the sun hits it the most
  • Leather upholstery will crack and fade faster than cloth upholstery
  • Bed frames and wood paneling become brittle and crack 
  • The microwave, stove and refrigerator will work harder in the heat, wear out faster, and eventually stop working
  • The TV and other electronic components will overheat and succumb to heat damage


Extreme Rain Damage To An RV

The scorching heat in the summer also doubles up as the area’s rainy season. Monsoons typically run from June through mid-September. 


Heavy rains bring dust storms, flash floods, thunder and lightning. The turbulent weather can uproot trees that land on your camper, shoot tree branches and other debris through windows, and cause severe damage. Broken seals from long-term sun damage now allow rain to enter through the cracks and cause water damage to everything inside.


Invest In Your RV’s Future

Your RV is a part of your family’s legacy. Exploring America’s backroads are where memories are made. Invest in a safe storage space that protects your RV from The Valley’s harsh elements when you’re not traveling. Covered parking will save your pocketbook in the long run. Your RV needs proper protection from the extreme elements to ensure it performs at its best and withstands wear and tear over the course of its life. At 1-10 RV Storage, we have plenty of covered storage spaces for all kinds of RV’s complete with 24/7 security and endless amenities for proper care. Contact us to reserve your spot today! Your RV will be here, safe and sound, and ready to go when you’re ready to hit the road.

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