5 Must-Dos for Boat Storage

For boat owners who don’t rent a slip in a marina, and who don’t or can’t store their boats on their own property due to its size or neighborhood regulations, dry storage is a good option. There are a number of benefits to storing a boat at a facility, especially if it offers concierge-style conveniences, like the ones we offer at I-10 RV Storage. 


It’s just nice to have access to a wash bay, an on-site convenience store, a dump station, and freshwater as you ready your boat for a day on the water or wind it down for time in between excursions. And, it’s nice to know that every space is covered, keeping sun exposure at bay as much as possible, avoiding damage from the desert’s harsh elements. 


Of course, before you store your boat — for the season or for a week — it’s good to follow a checklist of chores to make sure every detail is handled. Proper preparation minimizes surprises when it’s time to hit the water again.


Here’s a handy list of five tips and tricks for boat storage, suggested by experts, and we couldn’t agree more! 


Find a storage facility you like.

This seems like a no-brainer, but no two storage facilities are alike. Make a list of amenities you need to have — such as the covered storage or 24/7 surveillance offered at I-10 RV Storage — and find facilities that meet those needs. It may take some time to find what you need, where you want to be, at the price you want. But, diligence will pay off in the long run. 


Thoroughly clean your boat.

After every day on the lake, most people grab wrappers and empty cans to discard them and tidy up the boat. But when you’re putting a boat into storage, it’s important to thoroughly clean your boat — inside and out! Experts suggest a thorough exterior wash and wash, and a detailed interior clean to include cushions, floors, refrigerators, and cabinets. Don’t leave anything that could mold or go bad in your absence. 


Make sure everything is dry.

In the desert, things dry quickly, which can be a blessing. But, before stowing any life jackets, towels, or cushions for any length of time, make sure they are all the way dry. The same goes for sails or flags. Most people have likely seen what can happen when wet items are left in a heap and don’t dry properly. It’s not pretty. 


Stow climbable attachments.

Critters know how to find goodies, even if they have to really work for it. So, experts suggest that boat owners preparing for storage should remove any exterior ladders or ropes that critters could use to climb inside in your absence. Even if all crumbs and snacks are removed from a boat, wires are still enticing to animals bent on chewing something. By stowing any climbable attachment, it makes it that much harder for critters to climb aboard. 


Check the mechanics.

It’s best to make sure everything on your boat is in good mechanical working order before storing it, to avoid surprises and leaks. For seasonal storage, experts suggest a more thorough mechanical check-up which involves draining tanks and fluids. For shorter periods of time, it’s best to make sure there are no hidden malfunctions waiting to make a splash while you’re away. 


When you’re ready to store your boat, give us a call at I-10 RV Storage! Our concierge-style amenities, covered parking, and prime Southeast Valley location are just a few benefits of storing with us. 


Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and our competitive rates!


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