4 Factors for RV Storage Pricing

Prices vary, for everything.

Consider clothes, gas, airfare, homes — the costs associated with any purchase or service can swing high or low across any industry or market. And RV storage is no different. As with most things, pricing depends on a series of variables. When it comes to services, experience is generally baked into the pricing. When you pay for goods, quality and brand notoriety are usually big influencers of prices. 

While RVShare, an RV marketplace of rentable owner listings, estimates that the average price to store a 40-foot RV in the Phoenix metro area is around $130, it also notes that prices range from as low as the $120s to more than $300 a month. At I-10 RV Storage, one of the newest RV storage facilities in the Southeast Valley, we’ve come across prices that were even lower and some that were considerably higher.

We know that most of that pricing is influenced by four key variables. Security, amenities, dimensions, and the type of space being rented — when factored together — are critical elements of the RV storage pricing equation. Here’s what to consider.


The level of security offered at RV storage facilities can vary wildly from place to place. While some may be enclosed by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, others — like ours at I-10 RV Storage — may be surrounded by a more fortified perimeter. At I-10 RV Storage, we utilize a secure keypad for gate access, security patrols, and state-of-the-art video surveillance. Other facilities may also use similar security features, some may offer different combinations of those features and some may offer none of it. 


Pricing can also be influenced by the type of amenities available at an RV storage facility. If you’re simply looking for a parking space, and nothing else, you should be able to find a few, bare-bones, bargain options around the Phoenix area. But, sometimes the conveniences that come with certain amenities — like wash bays, a dump station, power outlets, freshwater, air, and even a quiet conference room (for that last-minute meeting before leaving town) — are worth it. At I-10 RV Storage, we even offer a quaint marketplace for the odds and ends you’d like to grab before hitting the road!


When it comes to pricing for RV storage, dimensions might be one of the biggest factors. It’s important to understand what length and what width you need and, honestly, what you’d prefer. Length is pretty non-negotiable since it’s based on the length of your vehicle. At I-10 RV Storage, we offer spaces that start at 25-feet in length and go all the way up to 70 feet, so we have a space for just about everybody!

Type of space:

It should come as no surprise that uncovered RV storage spaces would come with a lower monthly rental rate. But, without cover, those vehicles are exposed to the elements which, in Arizona, can be incredibly harsh. At I-10 RV Storage, all of our spaces are covered with east-to-west shade structures to provide optimal coverage against the harsh desert sun. We just value your investment as much as you do. 

Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art facilities and our competitive rates!


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